"Colored Waiting Room captures the reader's attention from beginning to end. The main character, Alberta Graham takes us through the highs and lows of her personal journey, to which many women have gone through and still going through in today's workplace. Thank you Patricia Pope, for bringing to light the struggles, joys and triumphs of all the Alberta Grahams in the world."

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Excerpt from the novel

Early one Monday, Officer Patton sat clinging to a small piece of paper as Alberta came around the row of file cabinets leading to the back storage area. His curiously angered face told her something bad had happened.

"What's wrong?" she asked..

He handed the paper to Alberta and sat in perfect silence. A small vein jumped at his temple. Alberta glanced at the paper, looked up and asked, "What are these symbols and equations?"

What was this to have made him so angry? The paper contained a formula or equation in bold lettering: 1BM + 1BF - 1R + 240D = ANOW. She grew more alarmed with each passing second and again asked him to explain.

"They tell me this joke passed around this weekend. Klein and Lincoln were in on it and from what I understand, thought it was funny. I failed to be amused! This is only another indication that these white folks around here are crazy and something needs to be done about it!"

"Calm down," she cautioned and from habit, scanned the outer offices to see if it were safe to talk.

"I understand Captain Klein said the joke sounds like you and me." Patton continued, his voice growing louder with each word.

  • Suzanne Claud, from Bookideas.com "Colored Waiting Room by Patricia Pope is not for the faint hearted..."
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  • Dawn R. Reeves, of the RAWSISTAZ Reviewers "We read and watch as this woman attempts to fight the system within and lose her mind in the interim..."
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  • Terri Campbell, Senior Reviewer for Linear Reflections "I'm sitting here with troubled thinking, after having closed the last page of 'Colored Waiting Room,' by Patricia Pope. I was a Corporal at a nearby detention center, and experienced along with other females, both white and black, much of what Patricia Pope writes about..."
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  • Emma L. Hill "Positive Minds Book Club" (Macon, GA) "This Book was absolutely great. It was well written, and loaded with information. The descriptions of the places made the reader think they were actually there, and the details of each character made the reader know them individually. Alberta Graham is a wonderful character, who represents so may people who had to endure racism. Colored Waiting Room was captivating, explosive, enchanting, fascinating, and courageous."
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